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Natasha Perez Ministries is transitioning to

 New Dawn!

A ministry of music and testimony ~ Un ministerio de música y testimonio

Natasha Perez Ministries is transitioning to New Dawn!

In 2020, Natasha began praying for a ministry partner, laying out a very specific prayer to God for the individual she hoped to work with. God answered that prayer in every detail in 2021, when Natasha met Paola Acuña Kim. Natasha and Paola have given their duo the name New Dawn, feeling that God has given them both a new beginning--a new dawn--from the sins of their past. ​

We invite you to "like" and follow their Facebook page to hear a sample of their music, or to contact them for an event!

We appreciate your patience as we transition this page to more fully reflect the ministry of New Dawn.

Women's Ministries

"Staying Connected to Jesus"

Second Chance

3ABN Latino

Vía Dolorosa

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